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Replace your filters on time, without worry — auto delivered to you, for less.

Aquasana’s Water for Life® program makes it easy to replace filters on time and without worry. Whether you’re already an Aquasana customer or buying your first filtration system, Water for Life® ensures you’ll never have to worry about keeping up with filter expiration dates.

Enjoy the Benefits of Water for Life®

Free Shipping

Replacements shipped directly to you, right when you need them, at no extra cost.

Discounted Replacements

Lock in a 15% discount on filters to ensure you always get the best price.

Extended Warranty

Our performance promise to you – free replacement parts, just in case.

No contract

Replacing your filters is serious – but your commitment doesn’t have to be.

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Step 1

Fill in the form below or gives us a call at 7000 8 207

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Step 2

We will communicate immediately, in order to write down your needs and create your account.

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Step 3

That’s it! Your filter replacement will be delivered on schedule.

Show your interest in entering our Water for Life programme

Under Sink Filter

Our award-winning under sink filters remove up to 99% of 88 contaminants to instantly transform ordinary tap water into clean, healthy water.

Countertop Filtration

Our countertop filters instantly reduce 77 contaminants – 15x more than the leading pitcher filter – with no permanent installation required.‎

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Shower Filtration

Our popular shower filters remove over 90% of chlorine for softer skin and healthier hair.

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