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Get healthy, great-tasting water from every tap in your home by reducing chlorine, taste & odor, sediment, heavy metals, pesticides, VOCs, and more

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With Aquasana, rest easy knowing that no chemicals are added to your water during the filtration process.  

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Filter 15x more contaminants and get 20x more capacity than with the leading gravity pitcher filter.


Designed with the environment in mind, our under sink water filters feature minimal disposable parts for reduced plastic waste.

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Our under sink water filters are engineered for straightforward installation and filter replacements, because clean water doesn't have to be complicated.

clean water doesn’t have to be complicated

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Replace your filters regularly to keep clean, healthy water flowing.

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No chemicals are added to your water during the filtration process.

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Replace your filters regularly to keep clean, healthy water flowing.


Replace your filters on time, without worry — auto delivered to you, for less.

No contract, 15% discount on replacing filters, expanded guarantee and free delivery. This is Water for Life®.

Benefits of Regularly Replacing your Water Filter

Water filters are an excellent way to provide your household with healthy, great-tasting water. However, waiting too long to replace your water filter cartridge can cause your system to stop working, and it may even become a source of bacteria or mold.

Think of your filter cartridge like a sponge, collecting contaminants including bacteria, cysts, pesticides, and more that are present in tap water. If not replaced on schedule, these contaminants can build up, causing the system to stop working. Water may pass through the filter without removing any contaminants, or those contaminants may even leak into the water potentially causing health issues.

Prevent your water filtration system from breaking or being contaminated by doing the following:

  • Know what filtration system and model you use
  • Know when to change your filter cartridge
  • Know how to change your water filter cartridge

Learn how our Water For Life program can make filter replacements simple and cost-effective!

What Aquasana Filtration System Do I Use?

Not sure what filtration systems you're currently using? You can narrow down the choices by selecting a filter type. Aquasana has three types of filter systems which include: drinking water, whole house, and shower.

Drinking water filters include all under under sink systems, plus the Claryum Countertop and the Clean Water Machine, so check your kitchen to see what solution you're using. Next, check your showers to see if shower filters have been installed at the head. Finally, go to the location where the main water line enters your home (most likely the garage or basement) and look for blue tanks labeled Aquasana or Rhino®® to see if you have a whole house water filter installed.

Once you determine which units need replacement filters, reference the model number on the data plate located on the whole house filter unit or on the drinking filter unit directly. For additional questions or assistance, please contact our customer support team.


When should I change my water filter cartridges?

The recommended replacement schedule for our filters varies by model and usage. Select your model and determine the replacement schedule by looking at the installation guide. Some models may require multiple components to be replaced, such as pre- and post-filter cartridges in whole house systems. Keep track of when each filter is replaced, or make the process super simple with our auto-shipped, discounted filter replacement program, Water For Life.

Get Regular Water Filter Replacements Shipped Directly to Your Door

Water For Life makes it easy to replace filters on time and without worry. Whether you're already an Aquasana customer or buying your first filtration system, Water For Life ensures you'll never have to worry about keeping up with filter expiration dates. The benefits of Water For Life include:

  • Auto-delivery when it's time to replace your filters
  • 15% off the price of replacement filters
  • Free shipping
  • Extended warranty — free replacement parts any time you need them
  • No contract

To get started with Water For Life, simply add a product to your cart using the Water For Life Price option, or reach out to one of our Water Experts at 7000 8 207 or support@aquasana.com.

How to Change My Water Filter?

Changing Aquasana water filter cartridges is easy! All of our replacement water filters come with a step-by-step instruction guide with labeled pictures to make the filter swapping process simple.

For additional help, we offer phone customer support:

MON-SAT: 8:00-18:00

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