The Aquasana 30-day “Pure Satisfaction” Guarantee

Every Aquasana product is guaranteed to perform at or above your expectations, or we’ll buy it back from you. It’s that simple.

Aquasana, Inc., has chosen a factory-direct method of marketing in order to oer the highest quality products to our valued customers at the most aordable prices possible. By eliminating the middle man and dealing directly with the manufacturer, you save over 50% o typical retail pricing.

Any time within the 30-day trial period, which begins when you receive your order, you may call or go online to request a Return Authorization Code (RAC). This code entitles you to a full refund of the purchase price for the product(s) you ordered, no questions asked. All you have to do is write this code on the outside of the package and return it to us, we’ll gladly refund the full purchase price of the returned product. Please note — you are responsible for return shipping costs (whole house systems excluded.) The RAC must be prominently displayed on the box exterior. We will not accept unauthorized returns

All Aquasana products are certified to the highest industry standards and are covered by the Aquasana “Pure Satisfaction” Guarantee.


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